Sean Strickland, Executive Director of Canada’s Building Trades Union, had a conversation with Energy for a Secure Future


The building trades play a fundamental role in Canada’s energy economy – from pipelines to power plants, Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) facilities to carbon capture and sequestration assets – workers in Canada’s building trades turn ideas into infrastructure and services for millions of people.

Energy for a Secure Future proudly participated in Canada's Building Trades Unions' Building Jobs for Tomorrow Conference, where Chair Shannon Joseph delivered a speech emphasizing the vital role the building trades in building a more secure energy future. Together our businesses, workers, Indigenous leaders and innovators can advance geopolitical security, international alliances, and emissions reduction potential. In light of this, ESF Chair Shannon Joseph was pleased to have a conversation with Sean W. Strickland, Executive Director of Canada's Building Trades Union, as a valued member of our Advisory Council.

Highlights of this conversation are shared below:

Canadian Gas Supply in a Global Context- a conversation with Sean Strickland

What is Energy for a Secure Future – a conversation with Sean Strickland

What role does government regulation play in ensuring an energy secure future?