Energy for a Secure Future announces alliance with First Nations Power Authority (FNPA)


We are delighted to announce that the First Nations Power Authority (FNPA) has joined Energy for a Secure Future.

FNPA is a First-Nations governed non profit. It was established in Saskatchewan in 2011 to support First Nations in developing their own power projects, as well as to promote Indigenous participation in power procurement opportunities. It has now expanded to advance a national mandate of helping First Nations pursue energy sovereignty through clean energy initiatives. FNPA includes a dozen staff, who leverage their project development expertise, networks of industry experts, and technical advisors to assist FNPA members. It is involved in various forms of energy, from wind and solar to hydro, nuclear and natural gas. The FNPA has established an Ontario office, and a third, in Alberta, is forthcoming.

The FNPA is led by Executive Director Guy Lonechild, a member of the White Bear First Nations in Treaty 4, who previously served as Chief of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations. He is passionate about connecting Indigenous communities and Industry leaders in renewable and alternative energy development.

We welcome FNPA to our initiative to deliver energy security, affordability, resilience, and ongoing environmental innovation for all!

“First Nation’s Power Authority is proud to be a part of Energy for a Secure Future. Indigenous peoples are increasingly at the forefront of energy development and innovation in Canada. This work includes expanding natural gas access on reserves, low emission power projects, and more recently Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) development. We look forward to working with other Council members to bring resilient energy solutions to the public discussion.”

Guy Lonechild, CEO, First Nations Power Authority