Keith Currie

Keith Currie is an eighth-generation dairy, hay and sweet corn farmer from Collingwood, Ontario and was acclaimed as President of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) at their recent 2023 Annual General meeting. 

Currie is a long-time advocate for the agriculture industry at both the provincial and federal levels, brings over 30 years of experience to his new role. He served as the President of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture from 2016-2020 and has been involved with the CFA for many years, most recently serving as First Vice-President.

Currie’s operation now focuses on production of grains and oilseed, forages for dry hay, along with a sweet corn. Currie has served as Director on the Simcoe County Holstein Club where he served as County Delegate for Gencor, member of the Dairy Herd Improvement Association, Simcoe District Co-Operatives, Simcoe County Milk Producers, Stayner Farmers Co-Operative and the Collingwood Agricultural Society. He has a diploma in Agriculture Production Management from Ridgetown College.

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture is the country’s largest farmers’ organization, representing over 190,000 Canadian farm families. The organization works to promote the interests of Canadian farmers and to ensure that agriculture continues to be a strong and sustainable industry in Canada. The CFA is a member of the Agriculture Carbon Alliance (ACA), which was established to ensure that Canadian farmers’ sustainable practices are recognized through a policy environment that maintains their competitiveness, supports their livelihoods, and leverages their critical role as stewards of the land.