Billy Morin

Chief William (Billy) Morin Nahtokitopi Sacred Rider was elected in 2015 as the youngest Chief in Enoch Cree Nation’s modern history; he served three consecutive terms.

Chief Morin has been a strong advocate for working together in all sectors with Canadians, as was the original spirit and intent of Treaty Six. This has led to many successes in business for Enoch totaling nearly $ 1 billion in investments during his time as Chief, inclusive of commercial development, carbon capture, gas power projects, and unprecedented community infrastructure investment that also helped end a long-term drinking water advisory. His leadership in bridge building resulted in his appointment as Grand Chief of the 17 First Nations of the Confederacy of Treaty Six in 2020.

During this time, Chief Morin co-led the first Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corp. project, a $93 million transaction to secure equity ownership in the Cascade Power Project for Enoch and five other First Nations. Currently, Chief Morin serves as Managing Director at Axxcelus Capital Advisory, Canada’s leading firm dedicated solely to championing indigenous equity ownership in resource projects.