About Energy for a Secure Future

We believe that the world has gained new insight into how to think about our energy future. Affordability, reliability, environmental performance, and geopolitical coherence – are factors that must be reflected in the way Canada approaches its own energy systems and the way it views the role of our country and its resources in supporting our allies.

Working together, we believe we can craft a vision for energy that builds on these insights and helps Canada achieve more and do better. On the world stage, our gas energy can respond to the needs of our friends around the world who are facing punishing energy costs and are left with options that drive up global emissions. Domestically, we can take new lessons in ensuring the orderly transformation of energy systems and infrastructure - delivering affordability, resilience, and ongoing environmental innovation for Canadians. 


Affiliate Organizations

Pipe Line Contractors Association of CanadaFirst Nations Power AuthorityCME-MECCGAIndian Resource CouncilFNLACIACCPAindigenousresourcenetwork